Say Yes To The Travel Instinct In You!

There is always a source that provokes us. Hidden and completely unknown. Thinking about nothing, I finished up watching Bollywood movie ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ for the fifth time. And it made me upset. I wasn’t affected by the emotional turmoil between Naina and Kabir, but an uncontrollable set of traveling plans were popping in my head. Their trekking trip to Manali and the beautiful forts of Rajasthan at the end of the movie made me jealous.

I too had a hunch for traveling alone. To experience the wanderlust, like in stories. But never got a chance. So, instead of running away from home, I decided to share this feeling with my parents and travel with permission and most importantly, money.

I knew I was being inflicted by the fascinating travel experiences in movies, be it Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Wake Up Sid, Queen or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. The pleasure of traveling solo had conquered my thoughts. And I couldn’t say no. Hailing from a conservative family, I decided for a win-win situation. I chose a place known to family and that can fulfill my dream of traveling solo. Without much hindrance, I succeeded. Bangalore being considered among the safest places for solo women travelers, I planned a trip to Mysore. And I had the best time of my life.

Here’s the list of realizations I jotted while returning from my three-day trip:

  • Met the real “me”, Somewhere between the hectic work schedule, unemployment guilt or college pressure, I had set agendas. My mind had stopped working beyond a certain level. It seemed blocked. I needed a different me. And I finally got it. Alive!
  • Learned to see a place, thing or situation from my point of view, instead of being guided or pushed under someone else’s thought process. The beauty and tranquility looked different. Quite learning!
  • Enjoyed the liberty of my comfort zone. I went shopping, tasted different cuisines, slept for late hours under a different smell of the place. I comfortably enjoyed the hospitality of the hotel.
  • No matter where you go, it’s important to know little techniques to secure ourselves under problematic situations. That too when there are numerous unexpected attacks. I had kept a list of emergency numbers all the time. But thankfully, didn’t need it.
  • Became an extrovert in experimenting different things. Starting from food, shopping or commuting or talking to unknown people, I lucratively managed it.
  • A trick to manage and control expenses. I jotted my expenses, but that was only for self-realization.
  • Being a voracious reader, I managed to read an entire book… acquainted me with my photography skills. It’s our time to fulfill our hobbies or desires. Isn’t it?
  • Lesser luggage you carry, lighter you get to hold and more you get to shop and stuff in. Being a girl, I finally learned the art of carrying minimum required luggage. No offenses!

In case you are motivated enough with my realization list, then grab your itinerary now. And say yes to that travel instinct in you. It’s definitely a personality changer and confidence booster.

Happy traveling!!!

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