About Us

Tursito has been conceptualised to offer travelers a comfy travel amidst the best price. It helps vacationers to take refuge in the exotic colours of nature. Here, at Turisto, we help passionate souls to fill their life’s book with glorious adventures and cherished memories.

Turisto provides different genres of expeditions like yoga, spa and meditation trips, wildlife tours, treks, rafting, leisure trips, domestic and international tours, and a trip to renowned beaches and islands.

We have an unending list of clientele who contacts us again-and- again to discover vivid parts of the planet. That’s because of our unparallel travel services, which we carefully plan to unify the best experience with nature.

Traveling can be a tiring process. Hence, we carefully select accommodations to let you feel at home and refuel energy for the next destination. With security issues a concern, Turisto provides you with safest locations. In a nutshell, we help in aligning your soul with the creation and guide on each step during your journey.

The company has two categories of travel packages. The first one caters to the solo women travelers. It has been designed for the women travelers who are afraid to travel alone. Hence, be it college girl, housewife, divorcee, widow or professional, this group includes only women coming up together for a trip from different spheres of life.

The second one is group packages, where the entire package can be booked either by a family, a group of college friends, a gang of housewives, corporate companies, a bachelor’s party trip or a bunch of couples. The package will be confirmed only when the minimum requirements of seats per package are booked.

We have worked very hard not to make Turisto a travel company or an agency, rather a travel club of passionate vacation lovers having similar minds such as you.

If we have answered your queries, then we warmly invite you to be a part of our group by simply choosing your next holiday destination and the respective package.